In an Instant By: Ani Roe

In an Instant
‘’ There was an accident last night’’ Dad tells me.Those words stuck in my head like glue.. My dad’s voice was trapped in my head playing over and over again, until I finally responded with tears rushing down my face.
My cousin Tanley was one of the most important people in my life. We used to say that we adopted each other so we were sisters. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and kind (to me at least). She was the type of person that you could never forget. When i was at her house and when she was at mine we were always together. She made me the person i am today. There was only one time we ever got into a fight, we were little and it was over a stuffed animal. She showed me so many things, like the barn at my grandma’s house. It is a beautiful place that i would have never knew about if it weren't for her. She was daring and not scared of anything. I remember that when i was little i did everything that she did because i wanted to be just like her. I remember when i told her i was getting my braces, she made me feel better about getting them on. She said that i would look great with them. She never got to see my braces. She made me brave and the person i am today and i proud of that.
Above all I learned from this that life is a fragile thing and it can be taken away from you at any moment. It can be given and taken away. I always used to think that you don’t die until you were old, but i was wrong. Tanley was 13 years old and her life her was taken away from all of the people that loved her. So well you are still here you need to love and treat the people you care about the best way you can, because it could all disappear in an instant.

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