First Day Shivers

“Michaila, come downstairs it’s time to go,” my stepmom said as we were walking out of the door. I didn’t believe that I was finally in middle school. Have you ever been really excited but nervous at the same time? Well it was the first day of middle school when my step mom dropped me off and RBMS. I was so nervous but thrilled at the same time. I felt like I was going to burst with happiness because I was finally in the middle of finishing my school years.
As I walked in, I was amazed of how big the school was. I thought it was going to be smaller since it’s one story, but I thought wrong because it was really big with a lot of rooms. There was A Hall, B Hall, C Hall and D Hall, or that’s all I saw.
I was on my way to 1st period when I kind of got lost and a teacher had to help me and I was so embarrassed because everyone was looking at me. As I walked in, I sat down and all we did was talk and I was so bored that I felt like I could fall asleep right away.
Later that day, a teacher told me we are not getting our lockers until the 2nd day of school. My back was killing me and I wish I did not bring so much supplies because I didn’t need most of it.
When we finally got our lockers they let us practice our combinations a few times. When I finally got it opened, I put all of my stuff in and left. In 5th period I needed to get my pencil but I couldn’t open it! I was so mad that I could’ve punched my locker, but I didn’t.
After all, middle school wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. At first I thought I was going to be trampled in the hallways or maybe being late to class, but i was actually safe in the hallways and I wasn’t late to any of my classes. I learned that I shouldn’t think that something bad is going to happen, because you will never know until it does happens.

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