Girl scouts Get Out By:Alyssa Deckinga

It was a dark and stormy night. We had planned to cook the hotdogs over the campfire when it started pouring. Months of planning had gone great until now. The day of our Bronze Project came quick. Over a hundred hours of work would end in the downpour.

Troop leaders rushing to our campsite to get food, while their girls ate under the shelters. Meanwhile my troop and I were cooking hotdogs on a stove. We didn’t have a pan, so we got inventive and used a coffee pot. We stuck the hotdogs in vertically and waited for them to be ready. “How many?”
“10 please.”
“Here you go, and condiments are over on this table!” “Thanks.”

We had moms from our troop trying to keep the fire going in the rain. Leaders came back saying their girls wanted s'mores tonight, it was tradition. We kept telling them we were trying to keep the fire going so we could do s’mores. We finally got the fire going in the rain and got each troop s’mores despite the rain.

After that we got all of the girls and troop leaders back at our campsite to cook s’mores and sing songs in the rain. The fire was crackling with a small flame. Meanwhile, Ms. Melissa walked between campsites with no shoes on. Mud squishing all between her toes. A big Girl Scout no-no, but she did it for her girls.

After girls came over picked up a skewer and a marshmallow. They kept putting the marshmallow in the fire and it slid off. We kept saying DON’T PUT YOUR MARSHMALLOW ON FIRE. The gooey goodness in your mouth melted in an instant. The white fluff kept getting stuck in their hair, all over their face, and on their clothes. After that we sang songs until leaders took their girls back to their campsite to go to bed. Some troops stayed the night others left after songs.

We thought some troops came just to have fun which was ok with us. Some of our tents got rain in them if they had no tarp under the tent. These years in Girl Scouts has taught me and my whole troop that we can take on any challenge, even ones with rain.

The little girls loved the big girls they looked up to us, literally. The big girls loved the little girls, remembering our first years of Girl Scouts. At Girl Scouts Get Out there was Daisy’s (k-1), Brownies (2-3), and of course Juniors (4-5) because we were Juniors. This was our Bronze Project. To share Girl Scout traditions with younger girls. It took lots of time to plan and get ready for it, but it was worth it because it was supper fun. The sisterhood of Girl Scouts grew.

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