Good bey sis

Good bye Sister

“Why are you so annoying” my sister said “what you are.” I said as I stumped up the started as loud as I could. That is the sound of me and my sister AJ fighting.Now I wish we did not spend all of your time doing that. It started a week ago. My mom and sister drove up the day before me and my dad and brother drove up to sangalo to my aunt's house because she lived really close to the college My sister AJ is going to When we got there it was 1:00in the morning we were all exhausted.All we could think about is the sweet sweet bed. When we got to my aunt’s house we were greeted happily. My sister ran up to me and gave my a big hung as tight as I could feel. That is when I realised that my sister is going to be away from me for a long time.But on the bright side she come and visit every two week but even then I still miss her every day. The next day we just got to hang out with our family. Then the next day my dad and my brother let when they left I said my goodbyes and they drove off on the edge of my eye I glanced at my sister I could see the sadness in her face.The next day we just hang out again. Then the next day we went to the mall now that was fun because it was just me and my mom and sister. Then the next day it was our final day with my sister that whole day you could see the sadness in everyone face.That day was just seeing if AJ was all schwasted* we we drove to my sister college when we said our goodbyes. I felt a tear falling down my face so quietly took my sleeve and wiped it off.Because i hate crying in front of my family as we walked to our car my mom hugged me as tired as i could feel we started cry right away i opened the car I sat in the passenger side we started cry me and my mom.The first 5 min it was so silent you could hear a pin drop finally my mom said a would. I cunde remember like it was yesterday “I will miss her” that whole car ride i just kept on say that in my hand “i will miss her I will miss her.” And I answered “me to,mom ,me to” I wished I would have spend more time with the people I love because that only thing i could remember are the fifth the horeb ul fitr when my brother goes to college i want the most happy thought the happy thought.

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