Hank Badder

“WE ARE GOING SO FAST!” I said over the loud engine and tires ripping through the sand. It was about a year ago when we went to Puerto Rico.
My dad,my sister,and I were looking out to the ocean from my great aunt’s balcony when my mom’s cousin Jamie shouted from his patio next door, “Hey do you want to drive go karts on the beach?” in his best broken English. We wanted to go, but we were concerned that it would be hard to communicate because we don’t speak spanish very well and they don’t speak English very well, but we said yes. We strapped one of the go karts in the back of his SUV and I sat in that. My sister sat next to me, and my cousins drove the other go kart behind us. Once we got there, I could tell they went to that beach a lot because I could see a track already made. I don’t know why, but I was kind of nervous, so my cousins Abi and Sunel drove first and they went very fast. It was my turn and my cousin Abi, who was 14 at the time, drove. It was so much fun, the wind in my face, the smell of the engine, the sand flying up from the tires, I could never do this at home.
Finally, I was going to drive. At first, I went slow because I was still a little scared, and then he yelled “rapido rapido!” which means “faster faster!” in Spanish, so I did. I didn’t think it could get any better, but being in the driver’s seat was amazing! After we were done, I drove with Abi in the go kart behind the car. He drove and we went so fast that when we turned a sharp turn, I heard a snap and we spun out. We couldn’t move and Jamie pulled over. They tied the go kart to the back of the SUV and we went home.
I had a lot of fun in Puerto Rico. I learned that though we come from the same family our lives are so different because of where we grew up. Something like riding go karts on the beach is normal for him and I would have to go to some place like K12 Racing to do the same.

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