Her Name is Luna

I remember it like it yesterday.My mom came in the door with our new dog and I was so flabbergasted! We actually got a dog a cute,fat,little English Bulldog.
My mom said “Her name is Luna!”and I knew that she would forever change my life.How you ask well before I had Luna it was so boring. Nothing to do but now I have something to look forward to when school was over because everyday when I got home she would twist and twirl around in circles and tackle me to the floor so she could tickle me. She is also very entertaining and enthusiastic so much that when she’s tired she snorts and collapses to the floor and in five seconds you’ll hear snoring.
But don’t be mistaken she is also super energetic. Sometimes for just no reason she will run around the house non stop for five minutes and then chase you. Literally chase you like your bacon. Sometimes it’s fun but mostly it’s very scary.We also love to wrestle and play and she does not go easy on me. First she would tackle me,then she would run to your head and either sit on it or eat your ear.
To this day I realise that everyone can be happy,they just need the right person to do it,and to me that is my little baby,the person that makes me smile everyday.

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