Ice Cream

Jackson Churchman

Period 5


Ice Cream

Whenever I was younger I was taking on a new responsibility… Holding my ice cream…

As I was walking down the stairs I was thinking, life is good, not having to do anything or take part of anything… But I was terribly wrong because that day I was going to take on a new responsibility… holding my ice cream. That day because I was a spoiled little brat who cried every time I didn’t get what I wanted, but that day my parents completely ignored me.
My parents were so adorned in their own love that they ignored me even when I was crying! Now that’s a talent because I’m a loud and ugly crier, and I still am to this day. Like I was saying, I was very spoiled whenever I was a little kid…. So my parents and I would get ice cream every Sunday.
So, that day instead of feeding it to me, I cried of course, they said, “You need to learn how to take responsibility” They said, “You can hold it yourself you’re a big boy!” Even though I was like 2 foot 6 inches! So… I decided to hold the ice cream myself. That was a terrible idea of mine and my parents and I dropped it right away. I started crying of course… But sometimes whenever I forget that moment of my life I feel happier. But now that I am 11 years old I learned that if you ever eat ice cream eat it in a bowl not a cone.

What I learned from this part of my life is that you should always cherish the things that you love and always eat ice cream in a bowl not in a cone or on anything unstable.

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