The Day I Got Kip By Donovan Walden

One day my sister and I were playing when my mom said “Donovan I need you.” When I came into the kitchen my mom looked like she just lost a loved one. We went outside and I saw my dog Jessie laying on his side. My dad was kneeling next to him and said “He got hit.”Those words slapped me like a punch. Jessie was hit by a car. I have never really knew how it felt to lose something I loved until now.
Ever since Jessie got hit my mom had gotten a new dog but I was still dogless until my mom showed me a picture of a cute little Australian Shepherd. I was amazed on how cute he was and to make things even better my mom asked best question ever “ Do you want this to be your dog.” I blew up with excitement, like I just got elected for president. I was finally going to get a dog.
A few days later we all hopped in the car, me, both my sisters, and my mom. We were going to the airport to pickup the new dog. The car ride took about as long as driving around the world. I looked out the window until I saw a plane, and another plane and another one. At last we were at the airport.
“In order for me to be quick” my mom said “You need to stay in the car.” as she went in the building. I sat in the car forever like waiting in line for a movie premiere until my mom came out of the building with a little ball of fluff. He looked like a snowball that was dipped in ink. She handed the puppy to me and I knew I had just gotten a new best friend.
Now I was really excited about this dog because Kip was my dog. My parents got Jessie before I was born so they trained him but I got to train Kip which excites me.I also hope that Kip grows up to be an Agility running champion. I learned that though patience is painful it can also be rewarding like to two forever I was talking about they were worth it.
Kip now sleeps on my bed and is a friendly dog and full of energy.

BY Donovan Walden

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