Las Vegas

Mom can we please go i asked?

Maybe in a couple of years we would have to get the money and plan it because we don't want to get there and then do nothing.

It was finally the day we were on the plane and ready to go to Las Vegas.
We were beginning our 5 hour flight to Las Vegas.The plane ride was so long i had watched 2 movies and played had solved half of a rubik's cube.

We had finally landed in Las Vegas we were getting our rental car and getting ready to drive to our hotel.When we got to our hotel room it was so big it had a pool table and 4 bedrooms and 2 big flatscreen tv’s.The next day we were going to a David Copperfield magic show but that was at night so we woke up and we were going to go walk around Las Vegas and see what was there.

That day we went and saw the mini statue of liberty plus a couple of pawn shops and by then it was time to go get ready for the magic show.When the magic show was done we walked back up to our room and we all fell asleep.We had a really big day tomorrow we were going to go to the Grand Canyon.

The next day we woke up and started our 6 hour drive to the Grand Canyon we are going to stop at the hoover dam on the way there.The Grand Canyon was so beautiful and so cool looking my mom and dad have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and i can see why.

You should always be grateful for whatever you get whether big or small because someone else to have what you get so you should be grateful for anything you get.

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