meeting my new life

I remember when i meet my third family. Me and my dad were going to go live with one of my dad's buddy,kenny.We moved in sometime in 2011 The house was a little one story house. The living room was big and there was three bedrooms my dad did not have a wife at the time so it was just me and him.Sierra was kennys daughter and we shared a room.My dad was in the room across from us and there was a bathroom in the middle of our rooms.

The conversation we had just blew my mind because i was like only seven at the time.I was so excited to live with my best friend.There were big words that were used and me and sierra just played in her room because we did not understand half the words they were saying.

My dad walked into sierras room after the conversation he and kenny had he walked in with bad news on his face.I thought we would live on the streets or back with my aunt.Then he started talking,and the words sounded a little like “we are moving in!!”! I jumped because i was sooo happy that i was moving in with my best friend.Then he left the room and me and sierra were talking about how our room should look and where the bunk bed will gods with and all that stuff.

Then sierra said something rather odd.”you will get to meet katelynn” sierra said excitingly.I asked “whose katelynn?”Then she explained to me that her dad was dating a girl who had a daughter our age,and that was great news,but i was shy at the time so i was kinda scared to meet katelynn,But it changed my life.and now i am best friends with katelynn and kenny and brenda are married.i learned that a small change in your life can make a big difference in your life.

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