My First Tickshot

By: Caleb Trollope
Not only were we at 15 minutes, but we also had no lives left. “No,” I shouted as I was getting swarmed! I jumped off the platform and clicked my jump pack. As I did a 180, I … wait you need to hear the rest of the story.

As a matter of fact I was playing Star Wars Battlefront with my dad. I was using the T-21B and he was using the EE-3. We were playing survival on the planet Sullust. The map was an Imperial hanger. It was on a planet made out of rock with lava rivers. I was shooting ties with a power-up called the cycler rifle. I was stealing every tie from my dad! There were also stormtroopers (A.K.A. bucketheads). On round 14 the Stormtroopers got to be too much for us. Surprisingly, I got out of there just in time with my jump pack. I did a 180 and saw a buckethead. Right as I got the scope up, it was aimed and I fired. I yelled, “I finally did the trick shot I’ve been trying to do!” “How did you beat me?” I asked my dad as we saw the results.

That trick shot was so amazing! From now on, whenever I have the opportunity I will try and do a trick shot. I can even record it so I have proof to show my friends.

By: Caleb Trollope

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