My Great Grandma

By:Alyssa Scott
Have you ever experienced a death in your family? I have and it was not good. I was not happy either. Now I wish I had my great grandma back.
She was the best. She had brown hair and brown eyes. I liked it when she would always give us money for the vending machines. We called her Abuelita. But soon enough she started to get sick really sick. We still visited her a lot and she was so nice. Then one day my grandpa cried ‘’I have some bad news.’’ My cousins and I were all so nervous. My grandpa said ‘’Abuelita died.’’ We were all shocked and so sad.’’He said ‘’Tomorrow we will go to the funeral’’ It was my first funeral ever it was sad
I learned that you should not take people for granted. They do not live forever. So you should spend as much time with the people you love. You should always be thankful for the people that you have all around you.

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