My Hair Cut

One day I look In the mirror and I look at my hair and I didn't like it.So I went to get scissors.And I started cutting my hair every cut I took I saw hair falling on the floor.I didn’t stop cutting until……Ow!

“Kyle,come here what was that noise,what happen to your ear and your hair!”I was using scissors thank God they were safety scissors.So,my mom said “come to the bathroom I need to clean your face”. “I walk through my room and the living room with blood dripping down my face.I was so scared”.I finally made it to the bathroom my mom said this is going to hurt, OW STOP! She put alcohol on my cut.After she was done using alcohol she put a band-Aid on it.Then she said “Come lay on the couch and rest”.Then she brought a Ice pack,the Ice pack was so cold it felt like I was sitting in a bathtub of Ice.So after my ear felt better I took off my Ice pack.

So looking back I Learned let other people help you if you need help because If you don’t ask for help you may hurt yourself.And It can help you later In life.


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