My Little Sister

My Little Sister
By:Callie Martin

Have you ever been so confused but so excited at the same time? I remember when I was 4 years old and I was shocked by the news. I was getting a little sister.
I was in the hospital, waiting with my dad. I didn’t exactly know what was happening. All I knew was that I was confused. The next thing I knew we were back at my house. “Now I have a baby sister”, I thought. Those words were stuck in my head like glue. It was just crazy to hear those amazing words. At night, all I would hear were the sounds of her rustling in her crib. And of course the crying. How could I forget the crying? It was as loud as the sirens on a police car. Every hour I would hear my parents quiet footsteps going into her room. “Wah, wah!”, she cried.
Over the next couple years we grew closer to each other. We exchanged laughter, and tears. My favorite thing we do together is on the weekends: she likes to sleep in my room with me. It makes me feel like she really looks up to me.
I think you should appreciate everything that happens to you. Especially a little sister.

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