Juliet sharp my story

Have you ever thought you could keep someone as your best friend? I have, and it didn't really turn out the way I thought it would….. Going to Giddines Elementary made me feel sort of awkward. So many kids were talking about me behind my back. To be honest i felt scared. The teacher asked me, “What is your name?” I said, “Sharp, I mean Juliet, Sharp is my last name.” Some kid named Jackson came up to me and asked me if he could show me around .
First we went to the gym, that place was so big, almost the size of two blue Whales stomachs combined. The stage was pretty big, it looked like four or five school buses put side by side. Jackson helped me find my way around the new school and he became a good friend. This boy with brown mischievous eyes was funny perhaps a little crazy in his own special way. Never mind that he was two heads shorter than me and a whole year older, having a friend made adjusting to a new school a little less scary and a lot more fun.
The Work from class was super hard for me as I am 2 whole grades behind. I would get what the teacher is saying, but I just can't do it that's why they wanted me to be an OA student. Jackson was having trouble in school so I helped although I wasn’t sure I could. I assumed my abilities of school math work were very bad until he asked me to help him with his math. I thought he was kidding around but he actually did need help. After all I was an advanced oa kid, but I did not get on level stuff. As I helped him my confidence in myself and my abilities increased. I got better at math and even at writing. I discovered that helping someone else helped me too and I gained a lifelong friend in the process.
Three grades later we go to middle school together. We only have one class together. We don’t hang out much but our lockers are coincidentally side by side and that’s when we get to chat. I think we are still going to be friends when we graduate from high school in 2022.

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