Playing Baseball by Aydan Guzman

Have you ever played a sport you didn’t like? I remember when I played soccer, flag football and baseball when I was about 5 years old. When I played soccer, I didn’t pay attention and didn’t get involved in the game. When I played flag football, I refused to play until after the 4th game of the season. I liked it a little more but not that much. When I started to play baseball I completely loved it! I wanted to be in every play and catch every ball that was hit to me.
Ever since then I have liked baseball and have wanted to keep playing. When I was 6 I started to play coach pitch which is where my coach pitches to me I was excited to play and played several seasons. I was on 2 teams that were named the Padres and the Diamondbacks. I did very well, I hit doubles,singles,triples and some home runs. I was even selected as team MVP and was selected to play in an All Star game.
I did very well in coach pitch and now I’m playing kid pitch. In kid pitch, I played on 2 teams the Firebolts and the Braves. When I was on the Firebolts and Braves I was the best pitcher. I pitched a lot of strikes arand I got some base hits and made some good plays. Now I’m on a select team called T.R.P.D. which stands for Trent Reynolds Player Development.
On my select team I played for 3 seasons and I like all of my teammates. We are a good team and have had many ups and downs. We’ve been to 2 championships and won one 12-4 and lost one 10-1 .After 3 seasons, we have seen a lot of players come and go but keep coming together every season with an even better team. My teammates nicknamed me “Monkey”and they chant “Monkey” “Monkey” whenever I’m up to bat or pitch. I like hearing my teammates cheer for me.
Playing baseball is meaningful to me because it reminds me of hard work and how working hard at something can make you better. Our coaches are always having us set goals for ourselves to make us better players. Maybe someday I can be good enough to play college baseball.

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