Something Lost

-My Personal Narrative

Have you ever had a pet that was your most prized possession? Knowing if they left you, your heart would break open. Also if anything happened you would feel like you were falling down a dark hole forever. Well that’s what happened to me.

Her name was Angel. Everyone that met her thought she was so soft hearted, gentle, and friendly. Although she sometimes irritated me because he wanted to get petted. My family and friends always said she was cute and adorable because of her features. Her eyes were teal blue like a ocean on a sunny day. Her fur was super soft like santa’s coat. When I was one to five years old I would always pull on her tail, but she seemed to never care. She was just really considerate about me. Angel wasn’t like most cats. She never liked playing with toys or other pets. She only laid down with one of our dogs, pebbles.

When I was born Angel was already here. My mom adopted her 20 years ago. My mom was living in her apartment at the time. She found Angel at the Humane Society. When my mom acquired Angel she said she was very skinny and unappealing. Even when my Grandma came to her apartment she said, “She’s Ugly”. But after staying with my mom for a while she started to grow more hair and looked more attractive. Then later down the road my dad moved into the apartment. I was born in a different house then i live in now, but the house I live in now has the most memories.

In 2014, we started to notice Angel looked in distress. She seemed weaker and in grief. Next year in 2015, we thought it would be a good idea to put her to sleep. When my parents first told me I was super devastated. Two weeks later my dad took her to go to sleep. Then after that my Uncle Jason buried Angel in his backyard. But I did learn something after that.

Don’t take time for granted. Always spend most of your time with the people you love, because there will be a day when they leave. I was devastated, but I knew that i had great time with her and that's the best thing to have.

By:River LeBlanc

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