The Beach!!!!!

By:Adan Montes

Have you ever been to the beach?I remember when I was 5,I got my very own boogie board and I was so happy that jumped up and down!When I got to my condo I put my stuff down and ran out the door but my dad stopped me in my tracks. “Wait for your god brothers.”my dad stated.So I waited for them for about an HOUR,in fact it took them so long I fell asleep.They finally showed up in the parking lot and we helped them unload,I realized that they had brought their wii(not a wii u or an xbox 360 or xbox 1 a wii.).I was also excited for that because that means we get to play on it most of the night till it was time to go to bed.When we had put our stuff us kids got out our board and headed for the beach. When my feet hit the sand it felt like my feet had experienced heaven because the sand was warm and soft.On the other hand the water was so cold that my feet felt like ice!I got used to the water as I was riding in the waves like a dolphin.As the sun went down so did my worries, the water and wind where like a team because they cooled me down from the sun that was beating on back. My dad told me and my god brothers to come out of the water because it was getting dark.We looked so cool coming out of the water because as soon as we stepped out, a wave from a distant crashed down.But that was just the first night,my parents had rented the condo for a week!

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