the day my sister died

Have you ever thought life is too short? Well sometimes it is because….sometime you do not live as long as you like .like my sister. It was sunday morning and everything was going right I was eating a taco.All my sister was talk about her boyfriend she said ‘’I love him”
So what ever made her happy I was too. But one thing I did get not he hurt her and she love him!! . one thing she said make sure you find boyfriend that is good to you .so later that afternoon …It was like the wrong think in the world I was in my sister's room and her face was beat up I ask are you okay but she said nothing.?so she went to her boyfriend house. me and my dad did not think that was a good idea so me and my dad was call my sister phone know answer .??So I call one time and her boyfriend answer .SO CAN TALK TO MY SISTER NOW!!!!!!!!He said no she is me and my dad was sooo mad went to his houes but nobody answer so we call 911 so as the polie came my phone was ring ring.and it was my sister boyfriend and one more time where my sister I said .He said she is at my mom house. was we went to his mom house he answer the door .was so happy I ran up stair all remember see was her laying on the floor

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