the day that changed my life

The Day That Changed My Life

Have you ever been so scared you almost cried? I have i was playing (BLACK OPS 2) and my dad was on the phone talking to my mom and she screamed “I GOT INTO A CAR CRASH”! My dad screamed “GET IN THE CAR NOW!” So i ran to the car. My dad was speeding. I was so scared and i was holding on SO TIGHT i started to sweat. My dad gets another call from my mom and she is at the hospital because she broke a bone in her back. We get to the hospital to check on her the doctor told us softly she will have surgery. My dad said “OH MY GOD”! I ran to my mom and gave her a HUGE hug.

While my dad was hugging my mom i went to hug my sister Haleigh. I was so so so happy they were ok and still alive and not hurt. “Haleigh softly said I’m ok,” Once my dad was done hugging my mom i went over to hug her and said “are you ok?” “I’m fine”, she whispered back. My dad stayed there for about a week and Me and my sister stayed at my grandparents house.

One thing I learned is that i should look out for my family more. Also I should look out for cars coming and tell my mom that there is a car coming. The lesson I learned is that I need to look out for my Family and to not be so into my phone. Another thing I learned is that a day could be going good and it could end bad.

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