The first day me and my sister got along

By Alexis Mencher

Ever since day one my sister, Alyssa and I never got along. We would always fight with each other, or sometimes never even talk to each other for a while. My dad would always get mad at us for yelling at each other. Alyssa always goes out with her friends such as going to the movies, dinner, or maybe even going to the mall. I sadly never get to go, and I regularly got so jealous of her. I would always beg her to drive me places with her, but she never changes her answer which is no. After a while she finally asked me,”Lexi I need help with chores, but I can't do it all on my own. I might drive you a few places if you help with me with my chores.” I yelled, “Yes, finally!“ .
Almost every time I look back to this memory I regret some of the words that I used and I repeatedly think to myself,”Why did my sister and I always fight with each other?” Sometimes if I think for a long time and start to get teary eyed and it makes me so sad I wish I could redo my past for what some things i regret that I have done. So now me and her have are ups and downs but we get along so much better. Now i know to never fight with your sisters of family members.

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