The time i got in trouble for doing the water bottle challenge

I got in trouble for doing the water bottle flip challenge.Me and my friend were messing around outside doing water bottle flip challenge. This dude honked at me and my friend so I wondered what he wanted he stopped and went up to my mom and talked to her that I was throwing a water bottle at the car. So i got grounded for two weeks I was like mom i wasn't doing that i was doing the wattle bottle flip challenge.
And now i can't hang out with him for 2 weeks or dun the water bottle flip challenge. I threw the bottle over the house and landed it on the trashcan I got in huge trouble for doing it. The dude was like he was smiling at me for getting me in trouble and drove off to his house.
A day later my mom went to his house and talked to him that I was not throwing the bottle at the car there was no scratches on the car just little round spots on it. So I didn't get grounded for 2 weeks and me and my friend can hang out now. Because I told my mom that he smiled at like he was trying to get me I trouble so he had to clean off the spots on the mom went to pick my friend up to go to Maine event.
we played bowling,laser tag and mini golf. I beat my mom and stepdad in it.

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