The Time I Met My Bestfriend

Have you ever had a friend or a best friend that was so important to you? I still remember like it was yesterday the day I met my best friend Jayda Starr Perez.
Me and Jayda met when we were going to the Flea Market with our moms in Austin. My hands were sticky from the humidity, there was screaming from the other kids in the car, Jayda was on her phone and we took lots of selfies together. When we got there it smelt so good like corn, turkey legs, and funnel cake. I also heard lots of Mexican music that I did not understand by the language because it was in spanish. We spent lots of money buying mexican candy, we bought some necklaces from the woman, my mom bought a pepper plant, and we bought so much more!
When we finally got home my mom pulled out the “Bean Boozled Challenge’’. Before we got started with the challenge we each got a water bottle, a napkin and, each of everyone jelly bean. Jaydas stepmom recorded it, and my mom told us each flavor. The jelly beans were chewing, they tasted horrible, and they were very sticky. When i finally got to the skunk spray jelly bean that’s when I threw up everything I ate that day. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! After that I had the biggest headache ever. Jayda ended up spending the night and we stayed up really late ate lots of junk food,played lots of games and much more.
That night was really great for me because I met my bestfriend and, jayda and she is so important to me. We spend every weekend together, tell each other everything , do everything together, and we have such a great friendship and I really don’t know what I would do without her. She has a big place in my heart! She means the world to me and I’m so glad we’re best friends. 3/13/2016 Best friends FOREVER! by-Aniya Ramirez

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