the worse un fon no fun day

“Mom are we there yet are we there yet”. I exclaimed I just want to get there already “okay okay” my mother acKnowledge then we pull up into west lake we were finally there and my grandma commented “yes finally i see my grand baby”.
She was so happy that we did so much the first thing that we did was we went inside the house then we ate some lunch because I was really really hungry so then me and my mom and my dad and they were in the room “i have diabetes”.My grandma came out but my mom and dad stayed in the room.
Then me and my brother went to the game room played and then after that we had we play outside and then we went back inside With a cut on my elbow we had to go to the emergency room and I have to get it stitched up but that's not what this is about I went back home and we had to take my grandma ate some cake when they really weren't supposed to yes she got low blood sugar and we took her to the emergency room she was OK until she had to drive her own car because she crashed the Car and then she got her arm broke she was very sad and in shock we got it towed and she drove with us
I see when someone gets hurt is it funny no when someone dies is it funny no.
I see now how many people got hurt on that day I saw that life is too short to waste.i never knew life threatening events

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