When I Met My Best Friend

By John chamberlain
How I met my best friend.

Have you ever met your best friend? I did his name is Seth Metcalf. We met at a cougar football game. We played cars until the game was over. Then about a year later he ended up being on my baseball team. We have been best friends ever since.
When we first met all we did was just stare at each other. His eyes were blue with a tint of yellow. His face had lots of freckles on it. He was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, and smelled like he put tons of deodorant on.
I learned that in life you meet people in mysterious ways. That is how I met my best friend. We were sitting together at a football game, and I asked him to play cars. I learned not to be afraid or shy when you want someone to hangout, and to play with you. Now he is in 8th grade and we hangout or have a sleep over every weekend.

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