When My Grandpa Died

When was just 9 years old my grandpa had died. My grandma had already died but that did not affect me cause I was only 2 years old. But i had really known my grandpa.

It all started at about 7 pm and we were watching TV then suddenly my dad got a phone call from my grandpa’s friend Eddie and they were at a gas station to get some water and Eddie said ‘’Come to the gas station your dad needs help and we called 911!’’ then we went to the gas station and that lead to my grandpa going to the Hospital!

We were in the Hospital from about 9:00 pm to 1:30 am. My grandpa ended up passing away at about 1:30 and I will not forget that day March 31 2013 a lot of things were going through my head at that point i did not know what to do we were all sad ‘’well he is in a better place now!’’ my dad said.

What I had learned about that day was that anything can happen at anytime. I was having a normal day then it all went bad when that all happened. I did not know I was going to be sad for the next couple weeks.

By kolin Charboneau

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