When my parents divorced - Gabby Gutierrez

I remember when I was 6.It was the first time my dad told me that he was thinking of him and my mom splitting up.I begged him not to go and he agreed he would try.I thought I would never have to be told that again,and I didnt because the next time I didnt have a say in it.
SCREECH. The bus halted at my stop, I walked home not knowing of what had happened earlier this morning. As I walked in my mom was doing her regular thing, I assumed my dad would be home by now. I would usually smell the sawdust from his construction uniform but this time there was no sign of the smell anywhere”. He could be taking a nap after a hard day at work,” I thought.I set my stuff down and went to their room.But there was no sign of him or any of his stuff.
As I was looking for some of his things, my mom walked in and I could tell by the look on her face something had happened. I felt a lump in my throat. I felt like my eyes were going to burst. I asked my mom where he was. Silence filled the whole house. She told me she was sorry and she just couldn't take it any more she said she needed a break.
Right then I knew I couldn't hold back the tears as the lump in my throat ached. All that was going through my head were two things: WHY?, and the thought that I never said goodbye. I cried about not knowing when I would see him again tore me up inside. That day was the day I felt I cried an ocean of sorrow and anger.
I will always remember this day because it was the day I realized not every family is perfect. Not even mine. Today , tomorrow , and as long as it takes we will work on putting our family's pieces back together.

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