Why I moved to Austin.

By: Genavieve Middaugh

“Go, go get under the bed. Know I love you and I always will!” I still remember my mom saying that. As I crawled under my bed with my brother, Caige, and his dog, Ambroza. POW.POW. I heard 2 gunshots. I saw my mom run across the room. Click. 1 lock. Click. 2nd lock

As I laid under the bed, I cried with salty tears going into my mouth. My brother wiped my tears away and hugged me tight. It was so calming. I stopped crying while we held on to Broza.{ Ambroza}

I could hear my dad screaming,”You wanna come near her, you’ll come through me first!” over and over again. Through the window I could see flashlights going through into the room. Every Time I saw the rays of light coming through I was blinded.

Suddenly, everything got quiet. I heard my mom calling 911. I thought to myself,”Is this really what this situations come too?” and I was just a little girl. This is why these men were there. My mom was friends with gang members and soon enough they asked her if she would join their gang. She of course said no and they tried to kill her, and before this night I kept hearing a buzzing sound in the floor and they found a walkie talkie. The men were listening to my mom's conversations with her friends; that means they heard we were moving to Austin.

Think about this imagine if they did kill my mom? What would happen to my brother and I? I was just a 6 year old little girl.

“Are you awake?”Caige asked.”Well I am now, whats going on outside?”I replied. I realized the cops were here after seeing the flashy red and blue lights.For some strange reason I felt a wave of relief. Back then I didn't know what was happening. I asked myself,”Why were these strange men here?”

Caige pulled me close to the wall so that broza was facing out. THUMP! THUMP! I could here the cops feet thumping on our floor, and smelly men running from them.They smelt like sweaty throwing up chimpanzees. Then we heard the men getting thrown in the police car. BAM!

Everything happened so fast. After everything happened, we all cuddled up in bed and fell asleep. I woke up and mom's eyes were open. I asked,”Are you ok?”she sighed,,” Yes.” She told me to go get dressed and pack up; it's a big day. Big day? A little while later, mom woke up dad and my brother. And told them get dressed and packed.They did as she told them.Our dAd drove us to get the new car. We were there for 3 hours. Then we finally got the car and loaded up and mom drove Caige, herself, and I to Austin.

At last,we got to austin 4 hours later.. We moved in with my aunt after we got tired of living in unsafe hotels, but eventually mom worked so much she got us a house.This experience taught me a lot, but now I feel I’m stronger because of it . My mom is such a great role model.. Why? Because look at how strong she was during this LIFE-CHANGING event. She made a lot of good decisions.She made me a stronger person because i look up to her, and I learned I should give her respect because she still is brave, strong, and amazing!

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